About Us

Datasec is one of the pioneer and leading service providers offering IT auditing, secured network infrastructure and software solutions in Bangladesh. The company is committed to provide innovative IT security solutions, auditing and IT Risk assessment with major International and local partners. The company have experts in IT security and risk management for IT/network operation, e-governance and business intelligence.

IT Security: The Highest Requirements

IT Security has been one of the greatest challenges and most prioritized issues for any organization in today’s information society. In today’s world, cyber-attacks are not only carried out by individuals but by well-organized and well-funded groups. So, there is a need to establish global standard IT security audit and monitor IT infrastructure for every corporation.

DataSec is committed to integrate specialized software solutions for IT security audit and efficient Risk management solution for your organization.


The company’s vision is to establish a secured IT infrastructure in Bangladesh with innovative software solutions.

Our Services

  • IT Security Auditing and consulting
  • Anti-malware threat analytics
  • DDoS threat solutions
  • ATM Security (Anti-skimming solutions)
  • Advanced web Security Testing and monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Network security assessment and reports
  • Incident response and compliance solutions

Global Partners