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Netwrix Auditor Platform

Gain complete visibility and control over what’s
going on in your hybrid cloud IT environment

Visibility and Governance Platform for Hybrid Cloud Security

Netwrix Auditor is a visibility and governance platform that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid cloud IT environments to protect data regardless of its location. Unlike legacy IT audit software, the platform provides security analytics to detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns before a data breach occurs.

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Easysol Total Fraud Protection

Total Fraud Protection is the core principle that drives our solutions and our innovative design to ensure that Easy Solutions provides the very best in omni-channel, multi-platform, flexible integrations. This core principle allows for our solutions to work independently of each other, but can also deliver a collaborative protection suite of products that leverage every aspect of a fraud prevention program when deployed together. The powerful APIs and SDKs add more value in allowing our customers to leverage previous investments and development efforts and benefit from the next generation of anti-fraud solutions.

By understanding complex fraud attacks, Easy Solutions is able to engage fraud throughout the attack cycle. This gives Easy Solutions an advantage at proactive take-down, monitoring, identification and interception, effectively mitigating fraud before it happens. This approach reduces false positives and the overhead of managing tools while lowering the costs associated with supporting an anti-fraud program.Fraud protection requirements are different for every company. We understand this, and work with our customers to implement fraud solutions that meet their specific detection and prevention needs.

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Detect Safe Browsing

Proactive malware detection and protection to suit any client or security scenario.

Stop fraud and allow infected devices to safely perform transactions online with our flexible anti-malware solutions. Safeguard customers against identity theft and account takeover from the advanced malware that enables man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks.

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Detect Monitoring Service

Detect 50% more phishing and fraud attacks, and remove them in 1/3 the time.

Brand protection through fraud threat intelligence for proactive attack detection and takedown. Anti-phishing, pharming and malware protection in one service. Protect your customers from account takeover and reduce losses from debit and credit card fraud after retail breaches.

Increase Visibility:
Real-time portal-based visibility into the full spectrum of web and mobile threats including phishing, pharming, malware, domains, social media and mobile app monitoring.

Reduce Attacks:
Automate threat detection and attack deactivation with DMS. Reduce the number of attacks over time and control fraud losses by changing attacker incentives.

Protect Users:
Protect full end-user population completely transparently. Protect your brand with strict enforcement and industry leading takedown times of 3.6 hours.

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DetectID Strong Authentication

Next-generation, flexible & smart multi-factor authentication delivering secure customer access from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Enhance your customers’ security without inconveniencing them. DetectID is built on the latest standards and easily integrates with legacy authentication systems, helping you significantly cut the time and cost of deploying future-forward multi-factor authentication.

Authentication Made Simple:
DetectID was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy systems. This means faster integration and time-to-value.

Stop Challenging Good Customers:
Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume.

Complete Range of Factors:
DetectID offers a wide variety of authentication methods, from SMS passcodes and hardware tokens to innovative soft tokens and QR Codes.

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Fraudulent Transaction Detection

Detect, learn and predict fraudulent activity using behavioral analysis and machine learning.
DetectTA analyzes user behavior and sends alerts on any deviations from established regular behavioral patterns. This cutting-edge machine intelligence can be combined with user-defined analytics, rules, policies, and workflows for comprehensive coverage and flexibility.

Completely Non-Intrusive Deployment:
Deploy DetectTA rapidly without additional development and detect fraud immediately with pre-built connectors to major payment systems, including wire processing systems and ACH networks.

Reduce Burden of Alert Management:
With DetectTA’s comprehensive case management system, information about individual cases can be viewed, modified, classified and assigned without the need for a separate external system, with full detailed and customizable reports available.

Protect Your Customers with Real-Time Decisioning:
Qualify the risk of any given transaction on any channel in real time according to how it fits with normal user behavior, and detect activity similar to patterns associated with crimes such as money laundering and card cloning.

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Indusguard Total Application Security

The complete web application security solution to detect, protect and monitor.

Total Application Security is industry’s first truly integrated web application security and compliance solution. It helps organizations detect application layer vulnerabilities accurately, patch them instantly without any change in code, and continuously monitor for emerging threats and DDoS attacks to mitigate them.

Total Application Security detects application-layer vulnerabilities accurately with web application scanning (detect), patches them instantly with web application firewall (protect), and monitors traffic continuously for emerging threats and DDoS attacks (monitor). It also includes 24×7 managed service support to perform pen testing, create custom rules, and maintain zero false positives.

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Web Application Firewall & DDoS protection

No Hardware, No Software Installation

A Complete Cloud-based Solution

Total Application Security (TAS) from Indusface is a fully-managed security solution that detects application-layer vulnerabilities with web application scanning (detect), protects instantly with web application firewall (protect), and monitors traffic continuously to block emerging threats and DDoS attacks (monitor). Our security experts are available 24 x 7 to analyze DDoS and other attack patterns. They also perform pen testing to find complex vulnerabilities and create application specific rules to block attacks. Proactive false positive elimination ensures that genuine visitors are not blocked.

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ImmuniWeb Web Security Platform

ImmuniWeb® On-Demand
· Hybrid security testing and machine learning technology

· 4 packages suitable for any website or web application

· Authenticated testing, including 2FA authentication

· OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25 and PCI 6.5.x detection

· Manual security testing of application logic

· PCI DSS requirements 6.6 & 11.3 fulfillment

· Custom solutions in manually-written report

· Zero false-positives in report guaranteed

· Perfect for DevOps and Agile development


240x400ImmuniWeb® Continuous
· All the benefits of ImmuniWeb® On-Demand

· 24/7 managed web vulnerability scanning

· 24/7 managed web application change monitoring

· 24/7 access to live vulnerability management dashboard

· 24/7 alerts about new vulnerabilities (email/SMS/phone)

· One-click manual patch verification (instant or scheduled)

· Multi-user portal and customizable vulnerability stats

· Schedulable daily, weekly or monthly manual testing

· Easy integration with WAF, Bug Tracking or SIEM

ImmuniWeb® Awards and Recognitions

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Advanced Threat Protection

failsafe_screen2Damballa Failsafe is an advanced threat detection system built on nearly a decade of scientific research and big data visibility. It automatically and accurately identifies hidden infections in real time on live traffic. When Failsafe confirms a device is infected by advanced persistent threats or malware, it terminates criminal communications and presents a full case of evidence, prioritized by risk – no more chasing False Positives. With Damballa Failsafe, you can act with precision to prevent damage.

We protect the world’s largest enterprises, ISPs and mobile carriers across 5 continents.

We analyze nearly 15% of the world’s Internet activity and monitor over ½ billion devices.

With Damballa Failsafe you can:

  • Analyze network behaviors, malicious payloads and threat actor / APT activity.
  • Pass information to an automated Case Analyzer which corroborates evidence.
  • Verify true positive infections and apply risk-ranking.
  • Present response teams with prioritized workflow for immediate action.
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Anti-Skimming Device (ASD)

security_top6_01The ASD-8 second generation anti-skimming device has been developed to combat the increasing number of attacks on ATM units. The ASD-8 is at the cutting edge of ATM protection offering the very latest in ATM fraud prevention technologies; from card and cash trapping through to skimming and spy camera detection sensors.

We recognise the level of gain for the criminal fraternity is high and they will be using significant resources available to them to try and beat bank defences. It is for this reason the Cennox Research and Development team dedicated so much energy and enthusiasm in creating a product which would deliver immediate results the moment it is installed. The ASD-8 was also designed to be upgradable in the field at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.

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